Jeep Patriot


The compact SUV market has started gaining competitors and one of the new ones is the Jeep Patriot. However, the Jeep Patriot was not designed to simply compete with the rest of the vehicles in the compact SUV market but rather to surpass them. And, surprisingly to many the Jeep Patriot accomplishes that in many different areas

To begin with, the Patriot is affordable and it is not common to say the word “affordable” and “SUV” in the same sentence. Nevertheless, the Jeep Patriot is just that. The most luxurious model is close to $25,000 while the most affordable model is just $14,425. So no matter what your budget for a new vehicle you can more than likely afford the Patriot. The base model does not offer air conditioning or any of the other luxuries that the top of the line model offers however when it comes to safety all of the Patriots are top of the line.

That is thanks to the side curtain airbags, four wheel anti lock disc brakes, traction control, electronic stability control, electronic roll mitigation, and more. These are outstanding safety features many would expect to see only on much more expensive model than the Jeep Patriot.

When it comes to gas consumption the Jeep Patriot does not have a big appetite like most of the big SUVs. The best gas mileage on a Patriot is 26 mpg for city driving and 30 mpg for highway driving, which is good even for a car much less a compact SUV. The all wheel drive Sport with Freedom Drive I still offers good gas mileage with 23 mpg for city driving and 26 mpg for highway driving. This model costs only $16,175. The Trail Rated Sport version is more expensive at $18,615 but it is an off roader’s dream. Not to mention it is pretty good on gas with 21 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. For those of you who really cannot skimp on the luxury features then you will pay out $19,425 for the 4x2 model with leather seating, air conditioning, cruise control, remote keyless entry, power windows, doors, and mirrors as well as other creature comforts. If you must go all the way to the 4x4 then you will spend closer to $23,000.

There are two Jeep vehicles in the crossover SUV market. These include the Patriot as well as the Compass. They actually share a platform but the Patriot is more similar to the Jeep Liberty since they are similar in size. Despite the fact that the vehicle offers so much to the driver it is not too hard on the pocketbook. Consumers love this because everyone wants to get more for less and that is exactly what happens with the Jeep Patriot. Who would think to get an electronic stability system, 2.4 liter four cylinder engine as well as side curtain air bags for less than $20,000? Well, Jeep makes it a reality. No matter whether you like city driving or take advantage of driving down all the dirt roads possible the Jeep Patriot will give you what you want. It is perhaps the most surprising to drive the Patriot through streams and over potholes simply because it performs so well in these situations. It is nine inch ground clearance, traction control, and overall design allows it to shine in these circumstances. When it comes to design it looks good yet rugged at the same time. Its front fascia is squared off and each door has a visible handle. This makes the Liberty look good while its overall design allows it to perform well.

The Jeep Patriot may be new to the scene but it will not take long for its popularity to catch on. Of course the competition is a bit miffed with the arrival of this compact SUV that is not only affordable and good on gas but that is also able to off road with the best of them. Nevertheless Jeep hopes the Patriot is here to stay and that is why they made it so rugged, so safe, and with so many options. Consumers already love the Patriot and it will not take long before its popularity catches on even more.

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