Jeep Patriot


In this section, we proudly feature review of the Jeep Patriot as submitted by our readers and enthusiasts of the Jeep Patriot.

Jeep Patriot Review 1
The Jeep Patriot is new to the lineup and it made an appearance so Jeep would have a representative in the compact SUV market. With the appearance of the Jeep Patriot the competition should be concerned simply because of all the Patriot offers. First of all, the Patriot is an affordable vehicle with the top of the line model costing in the mid $20s. The front wheel drive base Sport Patriot model starts at just $14,425, which is an amazingly low price for a brand new vehicle.

Jeep Patriot Review 2
The compact SUV market has started gaining competitors and one of the new ones is the Jeep Patriot. However, the Jeep Patriot was not designed to simply compete with the rest of the vehicles in the compact SUV market but rather to surpass them. And, surprisingly to many the Jeep Patriot accomplishes that in many different areas.

Jeep Patriot Review 3
Jeep has added a new compact SUV to their line of smaller cars. The Jeep Patriot’s traditional four-door body style gives it a serious, no-nonsense 4x4 look. Its appearance sets the Jeep Patriot apart from its competitors in the SUV department.

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